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Chiaotou TownshipCiaotou Township was almost fully developed during the end of the 17th Century and the beginning of the 18th Century. Shihlong villagers built an embankment on the Jhongci River to guide the water for irrigation of the field "Houbi Field" on the southwest side of the village. The north side of the intersection of this path going towards the north to the Agongdian street has gradually become a gathering place offering groceries to the agricultural households since the end years of Yongjheng Era (1730s), which was also known as "Siaodianzai"; due to the fact that it was located at the major juncture, the commercial district increasingly prospered, and was recorded as "Siaodianzai Street" in the 6th year of Cianlong Era (1740). At the same time, in order to offer convenience for the busy pedestrians, logs were placed over the irrigation path to make a bridge, known as Siaodianzai Bridge. The bridge is also named "Yunguei (meaning curved) Bridge" for the fact that it was modified to an arc shape; because Siaodianzai Street is located on the north side of the bridge, people usually call it Ciaotou (meaning head end of bridge).

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